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Doreen’s Dinners provide comforting homemade healthy dinners. If you’d like your life to be easier, healthy and tastier, you’ve packed on too many pandemic-pounds or you are too busy or unable to cook, Doreen's Dinners are the answer. Local to Scituate. Reach out today at or 339-526-2049.
Accepting clients in 2021!

Doreen’s Dinners was accidentally launched while I attended UMASS school of Education. I lived with a family in Belmont, Massachusetts, and cooked their evening dinners. They let me live rent-free in a small room off the kitchen in exchange for serving as their live-in chef. That entailed menu prep, food shopping and cooking dinner five nights a week. I had no money and had no idea how to cook, so I did what any young and naïve person would do. I told them I knew how to cook and would make them delicious and healthy meals as they requested. Their family consisted of two attorneys and their adopted 5-year-old daughters. So along with my college studies, I studied recipes from Julia Child, Jacques Pepin and many other cooking gurus of the day. It was baptism by fire, but before long, I was steaming wild caught haddock, sauteing green beans and making delicious salads. I was a happy and successful live-in chef at 20 years old.

Fast forward: Although food has always been a passion for me, I wanted to teach and then got caught up in business operations. However, regardless of what time I came home after work each night, I always cooked dinners for my family.

Many months ago, a neighbor on my street came up to me in the supermarket one day and complained how he was gaining all sorts of weight stuck at home during the pandemic and ordering take out. “I need someone to cook me healthy and delicious meals” he said. “Do you know anyone? I have to lose this weight?” It took me just a few minutes to decide to help him, and that is how Doreen’s Dinners was born. I am thrilled to report that Joe is still my client, and after just three weeks, he has lost 12 pounds. He loves the meals, and I love seeing him feeling and looking so well. He’s thriving because he’s feeding his body and soul what they crave. He texted me yesterday and I quote, “Doreen I feel great and I love being able to fit into my Patriot’s sweatshirt again, I have not been able to get into it for 10 years! Thank you!!!”

Doreen’s dinners is for you if you want your life to be easier, tastier and healthier.

Try it, love it: That’s my promise.

Chef Doreen Lang

Packing up for delivery!